Art, Education, Athletics and Dreams

Good Tidings Foundation

The Good Tidings Foundation, founded in 1995, is a 501(c)(3) children’s charity that looks to equally support ARTS, EDUCATION, ATHLETICS and DREAMS for youth from communities in need.

Good Tidings believes that all youths deserve access to education and the opportunity to pursue their personal, academic, and professional goals beyond high school, regardless of their family’s socio-economic situation.

Good Tidings creates original projects and works in partnership with professional sports franchises, businesses and agencies, leveraging resources to increase access to opportunities for deserving underprivileged youth.

It designs, funds and builds projects that are maintained and programmed in perpetuity by school districts, recreation departments and city governments.


LeRoy Neiman Art Studios programs

Inspired by the philanthropic work of the late artist LeRoy Neiman, Good Tidings has constructed 9 art studios, dubbed LeRoy Neiman Art Studios, seven of which were designed by California firm MBH Architects.

New Art Studios have been completed in East Harlem, Phoenix and Chicago’s South Side.

In 2015, the foundation debuted its first studio outside of California, at New York City’s Union Settlement community center in East Harlem. In collaboration with the LeRoy Neiman Foundation, the new space pays homage to Neiman’s expressionist works, featuring splatter-painted floors and vibrant sports-related scenes in a palette of reds, yellows, and oranges. The studio, which includes a streetscape mural painted by children under the direction of New York artist Alice Mizrachi, offers a variety of creative classes and workshops for area youths.


Good Tidings supports education by providing scholarships to high school seniors in need who have dedicated themselves to extraordinary community service projects. Since its inception, it has granted $1,417,000 to over 350 deserving high school seniors. In 1999, The Good Tidings Foundation Community Service Scholarship program started small, with five recipients receiving $1,000 each. Today, the program awards $100,000 annually to 10 under-served high school seniors at $10,000 each, providing much needed support to youths who have demonstrated tremendous leadership potential despite their own economic circumstance.

Good Tidings scholarships change the course of youths’ lives by letting them choose their next step, rather than automatically succumbing to the cycle of poverty. The scholarships are awarded early in their senior year, giving them the confidence that college is a reality. Unique is the under-served individual who unselfishly serves others. The organization’s funds award those who make great sacrifices early in life to put others first, many creating their own nonprofit organizations in their teens, with the power of education. Good Tidings believes that all youths deserve access to education and the opportunity to pursue their personal, academic, and professional goals beyond high school, regardless of their family’s socio-economic situation.


Good Tidings has now built over 170 Athletic Facilities in under-served neighborhoods with the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A’s, San Francisco 49ers, San Jose Sharks and Sacramento Kings. Good Tidings uses the same material and products [sod, dirt, etc.] from the same manufacturers found in professional stadiums. To date, over 100,000 children have played on and benefited from these new facilities.

Every location undergoes a drastic makeover, transforming them from unusable to state-of-the-art. These renovations develop the community structurally and enable impressionable children to develop physically, emotionally and psychologically in a safe environment. Good Tidings facilities turn abandoned, needle-littered dead space into family activity zones and community gathering areas. They become destinations and bring excitement and value to communities, drawing families out of their homes to engage with neighbors.


Good Tidings Foundation began back in 1995 as a holiday toy giveaway charity in its Founder’s garage. Although the organization has evolved and has gone on to serve thousands of underserved youths in the key areas of Arts, Education, Athletics and Dreams, it continues to donate hundreds of toys to children each year during the holidays. Good Tidings has gifted over 50,000 toys in the past 20 years.

In 2006 it added the Rock Star Road Trips program, which introduces teens to influential professionals and leaders in their respective fields on daylong outings to inspire and encourage them to dream big. Oftentimes, inner-city youths cannot picture themselves out of their environment – it is a vicious cycle that holds them down. Rock Star Road Trips expose teens to new possibilities and to mentors who can show them how dreams are made possible. A day spent with influential professionals and leaders makes the idea of dreams tangible and imaginable.

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