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Good Tidings Podcast Episode 1 with Kerri Walsh Jennings

Good Tidings PodCast Episode 1 – Kerri Walsh Jennings

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The Good Tidings Foundation has posted the first episode of their Podcast, sponsored by Response Responsibility. This inaugural episode, from August 28, 2020, introduces the show, which will provide monthly episodes highlighting and inspiring a community of givers.  The show is hosted by the Founder of the Good Tidings Foundation, Larry Harper.

This month, Larry sits down in Lake Tahoe with highly successful Olympic volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings.  In addition to her involvement in sport, Kerri is committed to faith and family, along with giving back to society.  When Larry thinks of the great and good people he knows, Kerri is at the top of the list, making her the perfect conversation partner to kick off this podcast series!

Kerri has developed a strong commitment to giving.  Being a good person, Kerri believes, is how she can best serve the world and her family, and she believes that athletes such as herself have a social responsibility (and privilege) to help and give.  She and Larry discuss her partnership with the Good Tidings Foundation, which has seen the creation of various “Kerri Courts.”  These courts bring the beach to the city, aiming to make the opportunity of beach volleyball – including scholarships, as well as the lifestyle and community of the sport – more accessible.  The conversation concludes as Kerri shares about another giving venture, Platform1440, and explains what she expects of the years ahead.

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Good Tidings Podcast Episode 1