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In this episode of the Good Tidings Podcast, host Larry Harper, founder of the Good Tidings Foundation, interviews another inspiring giver: Kimi Werner. Kimi is a Champion freediver and spearfisher woman, a hobby she began out of passion. When she realized she was getting better at the sport, she began participating in (and winning) tournaments. Now, through sponsorships and a more widespread understanding of it as a sustainable food source, it has become her career.

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After living quite a nomadic professional life for 8-10 years, Kimi became pregnant in 2019 and found herself wanting to grow some roots and stay home with her family.

She began thinking of ways to sustain a work from home life and bring positive content to others during the pandemic. She began posting one Youtube video per week and the response was very positive. Her channel helps people feel more connected to nature, understand the basics of cooking and encourages loving your family. In the first years of her life, Kimi’s family heavily depended on nature for food because of their financial situation. To this day, she catches most of the protein she eats in her everyday life.

Kimi provides inspiration for young people every day, proving to them that they can turn their passion into a profession. Kimi did not find many role models when she was young, so being told she is one for someone else today isn’t something she ever takes lightly. She speaks from personal experience when saying that the ocean is the greatest giver of abundance on earth.

Kimi and Good Tidings have partnered together to build a brand-new art studio at Waialua High School in Hawaii’s North Shore. The space will allow for the students, many of them native Hawaiians, to immerse themselves in art, creativity and feel empowered in a place that is often overlooked outside of the North Shore. Kimi was blown away by the underwater world design of the room, which is art in itself. She hopes the kids will feel as inspired to dream bigger as she did when she first saw the room. The snowball effect has been amazing, beginning with the idea for the room and continuing with every student who passes through the classroom. Kimi finds being underwater and creating art share many similarities, in their therapeutic, grounding and intuitive natures. Soon, the art studio will be given a traditional Hawaiin blessing. Kimi goes on to speak of the poverty crisis in Hawaii, specifically the North Shore of Oahu. Larry emphasizes the similarities of an art studio Good Tidings built in Harlem to the needs of North Shore Hawaiians.

Ukulele music by Bridgette Harper.

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