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Welcome to the Good Tidings Podcast with host Larry Harper, Founder of the Good Tidings Foundation. This podcast is all about highlighting the good in people and what individuals are doing to make an impact in this world for the benefit of others, while aiming to inspire a community of givers! On today’s episode, Larry interviews American baseball legend Vida Blue.

Vida grew up in Mansfield, Louisiana during a time when the town wasGood Tidings Podcast still segregated. At that point and time, all he knew was the world of schoolmates, friends, family, and church members who happened to be the same color as him. With daily hugs from his family, as far as he was concerned, life was a great thing. With the money he earned picking cotton for a week, Vida went to the Sears Roebuck catalog and bought his first Ted Williams baseball mitt.

In high school, Vida was an equally good football player as a baseball player. In his senior year, he threw for 3,400 yards, completed 35 touchdowns, and rushed for 1,600 yards. In baseball, he struck out all 21 players in a single seven inning game. Vida attests that at that age, you’re just playing for the love of the game. Choosing between pursuing baseball over football was one of the toughest decisions he had to make. When his father passed his senior year of high school, Vida promised his mother that he would go back and get his degree if she would allow him to be drafted for baseball (a lie which still haunts him to this day). However, he became so consumed with life and its offerings that he never looked back to finish his studies. Luckily, he found success as a baseball player and helped his four sisters through school. With his signing bonus, Vida was able to help support his mother and sisters.

Vida and Larry first met in East Palo Alto in the summer of 2002 at the dedication of one of the many Junior Giants Fields they built. Larry’s first impression of Vida was his kindness and willingness to offer his time to everyone. This part of his personality, he believes, comes from being poor as a child and leaning on his community for assistance. He learned that giving was just simply the right thing to do. Vida now spends most of his time at Northern Lights School in Oakland where he offers support for students aged kindergarten-8th grade. The Good Tidings Foundation had the pleasure of coming to the school and building Vida Blue Field on the campus! In closing, we learn that just last year, Vida was given the Nate Thurmond Award from the Good Tidings Foundation.


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